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Treasure Hunting at Auctions and Flea Markets


Are you an Antiques Road Show junkie? Do you watch those wild car auctions on TV?  Are you drawn to all things vintage?

If so, we have a lot in common!

I recently stumbled across this little book as I spent some time aimlessly poking through Etsy stores (one of my favorite forms of relaxation!).

This book was my absolute FAVORITE book as a child.  I must have made my mother read it to me a million times – my version ended up practically shredded – and I still remember my mom reading enthusiastically about the animals impatiently waiting for their dinner, each crying, “But where is Farmer Jones?”

Aren’t the pictures terrific?

When I saw it, I immediately bought the book (knowing that Owen and Huxley would love it as much as I did). I also arranged for the Etsy shop owner, Mary Beth Kircher, to come teach a mini-class at the SkillShare. Mary Beth is a local Environmental Science and Biology teacher who brings her commitment to “reduce, reuse, and recycle”  to everything she does, including furnishing her house and buying gifts for family and friends!

How does Mary Beth manage to find all those treasures?  She generously agreed to share some of her tips with those of us at Mesh (knowing all the while she might be training potential opponents in the competitive auction game!).

Here’s the link to her Etsy shop, It Is What It Was, by the way.  Check it out!

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