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An introduction to pottery making: Our first stand-alone class on April 6!

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We’ve been yearning for awhile to offer a Mesh Baltimore version of an introduction to pottery making but, as we mentioned in an earlier post, we’ve had to do some searching to find just the right venue and just the right instructor.  (And obviously we knew we’d have to abandon the SkillShare structure, too; an hour’s just not long enough!) Finally, though, everything’s come together and we’re thrillllllled to be able to offer our very first class for beginning potters on April 6 from 10 am – noon.

The focus of this session, an introduction to pottery making, is — like all Mesh classes — both fun and practical: you’ll get your hands dirty (ummm, yeah) as you explore a new skill and learn the basics of throwing. Plus, you’ll leave the workshop with something tangible: your very own flowerpot to hold your spring herbs or vegetables! (It should be noted that beginning potters often accidentally make holes in the bottom of their pots, but in this session, those holes will be made intentionally!) The class will be held at the Potters Guild of Baltimore, 3600 Clipper Mill Road in Baltimore.

Adam Conway, your expert instructor, is a maker of functional ceramic objects. (We’ve shown some examples of his work on this post but you should definitely check out his Etsy store to see more.)  Adam’s primary tools are his hands, clay, the potters wheel, the kiln, and time. He has been making pottery since 2001, and has taught in various settings to aspiring potters between the ages of two and 85. His work is primarily functional, designed for daily use in eating, storing, drinking, and serving your favorite foods and beverages. For the most part, Adam works in community studios; he enjoys the inspiration and challenges that a vibrant and varied group brings. See why he’s the perfect fit for Mesh?

Ready to get to work?  Register here.



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