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Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn: A FREE Mesh Baltimore Google Hangout


Social media is exploding (duh) and with so many options, it’s not always that easy to figure which services we ought to dive into. Facebook and Twitter…we’ve mostly got those figured out. But with so many categories of social media (blogs and microblogs vs. content communities vs. social networking, etc.) to choose between, and so many technologies (photos vs. podcasts vs. instant messaging, etc.) to use, and so many platforms to get familiar with…gulp. Our heads are spinning. So you’ll understand why we tapped our good friend Lindsey Davis on the shoulder and quietly whispered “Help!” She’s generously agreed to teach us – and you! – about getting the most out of LinkedIn, the social network designed to “connect the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful.”

Because we know that professionals like you have busy lives, this session will be taught via Google hangout, on April 11 from 6-7 pm. (Phew! You’ll have time to get home and get out of your work clothes before class begins!)

In the session, Lindsey – blogger, planner, networker, and forward-thinker — will explain how you can use LinkedIn as a powerful tool to further your professional interests. She’ll walk you through setting up a profile (what information should you include – and what stuff should you leave out?). She’ll show you how to connect with people you already know, as well as how to reach out to others who share your professional interests but whom you haven’t (yet) met. She’ll tell you about curating networks…and more. Before you know it, you’ll be…linked in.

To see some of what Lindsey’s been up to lately, check out her most recent post for the Changing Media Group.

How do you sign up for this session? Easy. Just send an email to Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you all the details for joining the conversation! Google hangouts can accommodate 10 participants…so hurry!

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